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Drugs & Alcohol

Across Walsall there is a range of support available for those engaged in, or impacted by, substance misuse. Substance misuse can come in many forms, including dependency or over-consumption of alcohol, inappropriate use of prescription medication, and consumption of illegal drugs.


If you wish to make a change, are concerned about your consumption of alcohol or drugs and how they impact on your life of the lives of those around you, or feel that you need support or advice, help is available for you. There is also support for families, friends, and carers of those engaged in substance misuse, or those impacted by others’ substance misuse.


Change Grow Live (CGL) is the core service provider in Walsall for alcohol and drug treatment services and The Beacon provides a wide range of services for Walsall residents in need of support with drug, alcohol or other substance misuse. Details are given on the links below.

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