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Walsall Council’s Children’s Services, West Midlands Police, the National Probation Service, Walsall Youth Justice Service (YJS) is a multi-agency partnership including staff and professionals from community safety and health services.


Our practitioners come from various different backgrounds such as youth work, social work, substance misuse services, mental health services, education and probation.

Our youth justice and intensive family support services help young people between the ages of 10 to 17 who have committed an offence and have either received a disposal from the police or have been remanded or convicted in court.

Our main aim is help young people who have been identified as being involved in or at risk of offending and re-offending. Our practitioners work hard to keep young people safe and provide constructive alternatives to improve their opportunities in life.

Additional Information

What we offer/ what we do:

  • Intensive Support.

  • Completing interventions with young people and families to change thinking and behaviour.

  • Being aware that our young people may have experienced traumatic experiences and understanding how this impacts upon them.

  • Giving young people an opportunity to talk to trained staff who care and understand issues affecting emotional and mental health.

  • Focussing on the strengths of our young people and supporting them to access positive activities in their community.

  • Helping young people to stay in school and achieve and providing access to training and employment opportunities.

  • Working with young people to reduce and stop misusing alcohol and drugs.

  • Providing services for victims of crime. 


For further information and advice, please visit:

For information for parents and families please visit:


Walsall children’s services website:

Walsall Safeguarding Partnership

Walsall Safeguarding Partnership has a new website which replaces the Safeguarding Adults and Safeguarding Children board websites.


Please visit

Restorative Practice

Is central to the work Walsall YJS does with young people, their families and victims of crime. We believe that by working restoratively as a Service and across the wider Walsall Children’s Services we can keep families together, reduce the number of young people offending and re-offending and subsequently reduce the numbers of victims of youth crime across Walsall.

Restorative Justice Interventions

Our experience has proved that ‘Face to Face Conferences’ between a victim and a young person who has harmed them, can be incredibly powerful in providing a victim with closures and answers, but can also be effective in developing empathy for young people, families and communities.

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