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0800 1111

Childline provides free confidential advice and support for all young people up to 19 years old.  Whatever your worry, Childline counsellors are here to help. Speak to them by phone, online or email 24 hours a day.


Watch this video to see what happens when you call Childline. You’ll speak to someone who takes your details and puts you through to a counsellor.  The number won’t appear on any bill (landline and mobile).


Childline also has a free app called Zipit. If you’re feeling uncomfortable when someone’s trying to get you to send them naked images of yourself, Zipit helps you take control of the situation with smart comebacks to flirty requests.


However you're feeling, it can be great to express yourself and do things you enjoy. And that's where we come in. Take your mind off things with games, advice from our videos or find new ways to handle your emotions. And all in your handy toolbox.

The Hideout

For children and young people - Stop domestic violence now


Women's Aid have created this space to help children and young people to understand domestic abuse, and how to take positive action if it's happening to you.

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